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इंटीरियर डिजाइन कमरे में रहने वाले sofa_


Sofa is major part of our life, when the sofa is clean,  then it becomes more enjoyable to sit on it. just dry cleaning.

Professional Fabric Sofa Cleaning Services 

Couch has become an important part of our life today. 70% time of our day is spent on the couch. Couch is most commonly used in the home, whether we spend our time at home, or having fun with the children or talking with the guests and friends of the house, all these sofas are mainly used. It is not wrong to say that the beauty of the house grows with sofa. Earlier the sofa was confined only to the palaces of king maharajah, but now it is easily found in the homes of rich and middle people. There are many types of sofas such as general sofas, luxury sofa, royal sofa, king sofas, queen sofas, wood frame sofas, etc. Sofa wood, iron, foam and cloth are mainly used. The cloth used in the sofa is also different, such as cotton cloth, velvet cloth, silk cloth, metal cloth, jute cloth, etc. Cleaning the sofa is also very important, sofa experts agree that after some time, the soil in the sofa starts to freeze. In which millions of small germs and animals are produced

  • Dust mite

  • Germ

  • Bedbugs

  • Cockroaches

  • Spider

  • Rat

  • Lizard

a person cleaning a couch with a vacuum

All these germs and animals make the couch hollow and eat its clothes, which reduces the life of the couch. Dirty sofas also spread incurable diseases,

  • Allergies

  • Asthma

Dust fly from the  dirty couch can be very deadly for an allergic patient. In which problems like sneezing, red eyes, itching, red rash all over the body arise. In dirty sofas, it is common to smell as well as dirt, sofas require special care, it is important to clean the sofa every 6 months with a dust and mud vacuum machine and dry cleaning once every year. Cleans all the dirt accumulated in the sofa and makes the sofa completely germ-free. We have been active in sofa dry clean work for 20 years, we have old experience of cleaning the sofa dry with herbal chemical and petrol with modern machine. We do 6 steps for sofa dry clean

  • First of all through the vacuum machine of the sofa clean up the thick dust with all the dust and soil.

  • After that chemical / petrol is applied on the couch to remove the dirt.

  • After that a special brush is applied on top of the couch so that all the dirt cuts are removed.

  • After that all the dirt from the couch is pulled from the by a special machine.

  • Then the sofa is placed under the fan for about 1 hour to dry.

  • After that the couch is ready for use

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