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The Sofa is Dirty

Best No.1 Upholstery Dry Cleaning Company in India

"Revive the look and feel of your sofa with our professional dry cleaning services. Our experienced team uses safe and effective methods to remove dirt, stains, and odors from your sofa, leaving it fresh and clean. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and give your sofa the care it deserves."

We are available in the states of India like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi etc.

Cleaning the Sofa

About us

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Patron Sofa Dryclean was established in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India on 1 May 1999. Before starting the work, we took all the necessary certificates from Rajasthan and Central Government. Apart from this, we also obtained ISO 9001: 2015 certificate. The day we started our work, we made our work our karma. We pledged to do our work with complete honesty and integrity and resolved that we will always be accountable and responsible for our work. So before we started, we traveled to developed countries like USA, Japan and Saudi Arabia to understand and learn the work of dry cleaning. Learned hard work and nuances in all these countries and attained skills for 6 years, then returned to India and started his work. We opened our first office at Ajmer Road Sodala in Jaipur in which the film star Mr. Vinod Khanna was called as the chief guest.


India5000 MSME Certificate

We are very happy to inform you that we have been nominated for India 5000 Best MSME Award in the year 2018. We envision conducive leadership and management skills to drive the growth and success of the enterprise. Has effectively leveraged technology and innovation to enhance its products or services plans and business trends with sustainability and social responsibility. We have also made significant contributions to the development of industry in our community and country. First jobs have been created, supported the development of other jobs in their supply chain and contributed to local industry. Demonstrate a strong regard for our customers' satisfaction, ensuring that our products or services meet or exceed customer demands. Those who delve into financial performance, innovation, social impact, sustainable sustainability and customer satisfaction. We have made a significant contribution to the development of industry in our community and country

Our Services 

Patron Sofa Dryclean is dedicated to providing high quality services to the CITY area. Take a look below to find out what we specialize in, and get in touch with any additional questions or to learn more.

Sofa Dry Cleaning 

We do all types of sofas dry cleaning our services are available for home and office

Chair Dry Cleaning

We do all types of chair dry cleaning our services are available for home and office

Carpet Dry Cleaning

We do all types of carpet dry cleaning, our services are available for home and office.

Mattress Dry Cleaning 

We do all types of mattress dry cleaning, our services are available for home and office.

Our Discount Coupons

Choose from the discount coupon issued by us especially for you and get an attractive discount on your bill. 

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Any Indian people can use this promo code, in this you get a discount of 10% on the total bill.

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This promo code can be used by any Indian person whose age is 70 years.In this you get 15% discount on the bill



This promo code can be used by a family member of an Indian army martyr. In this you get 20% discount on total bill

Book a Professional Dry Cleaners

Our professional team is fully prepared to clean your soiled upholstery Book our team for you today and invite the responsible and honest team to your home and watch your dirty upholstery get cleaned

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Next - Day Service

What Our Customers Say

We have a huge family of millions of satisfied customers across India. Who is very happy with our work and is using our services continuously, you are also going to be a part of our family. We will be more than happy to serve you

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Seema Mathur 

I have been getting my sofa dry cleaned continuously for the last 15 years, I have not faced any problem till date.

a person with long brown hair

Shalini yadav 

All my family members are taking their services, their behavior is very friendly, the team is completely professional.

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Nilesh Sharma 

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Disadvantages of Dirty Upholstery

If you use any type of upholstery in your house like sofa chair, carpet, mattress, etc., then you must keep them clean.

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According to a study, there are more than 10 million germs in a dirty sofa, which are impossible to see with the eyes. But some such animals and germs are present in the sofa, which we can easily see. Like rat, lizard, bed bug, flea, cockroach, spider, dust mite etc. These tiny germs make their home in the dirty sofa. These germs slowly start eating the sofa inside, in which the main things are cloth, wood and Spunch. In the beginning it is not known then suddenly the sofa becomes loose all of a sudden but by then it is too late. Also, dirty sofas can cause allergies and asthma, which can also spread incurable diseases, the number of their patients is increasing in India. According to government reports, at present 50 million people in India are suffering from Allergy and Asthma and the death rate is 2 lakh per year. So to keep your sofa germ free, get it dry cleaned every year with branded chemicals and professional, Give your family a clean home in which your family members can breathe freely without any fear

Main Reasons For Choosing us

Our work process incorporates safety and high quality products and equipment with priority and applies the latest technological equipment to provide high value in return to customers. We are in demand in the city by various residents, commercial complexes, malls, institutions and offices as we provide utmost level of satisfaction to the customers.

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We have been working continuously in the market for more than 20 years

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Services available in more than 250 cities of India

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Over 100 professional working team

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Free home delivery 

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Our team is ready 24x7 to listen to your complaints

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We always use branded chemicals TASKI TR 101 for dry cleaning

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We do 90% of our work online so that we can serve you quickly

a blue seal with a ribbon

We guarantee the genuineness of products and customer satisfaction

View Photos And Videos of Our Work Here

You can watch videos of our work by visiting our YouTube channel. Whenever our team provides services to the clients, the video is made by the team after getting permission from some of the clients. We upload the video made by the team on our YouTube channel so that the customer can watch it anytime, it is really fun. You are requested to subscribe our youtube Also encourage our team channel

Here you can see that our team has taken some photos of Furniture Dry Cleaning while rendering their services. It also has some before and after pictures of dry cleaning So that the difference can be truly understood, how much cleaning has been done and how much difference has been made. 

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