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Rubber mats have a wide range of applications due to their durability, slip-resistant properties, and ability to withstand heavy use. Here are some common places where rubber mats are used:

Entranceways: Rubber mats are commonly used at the entrances of buildings to provide a barrier against dirt, debris, and moisture, helping to keep the interior clean and safe.


  • Commercial and Industrial Settings: Rubber mats find extensive use in commercial and industrial environments such as factories, warehouses, and workshops. They provide anti-fatigue properties, enhance worker safety, and protect floors from heavy machinery, impacts, and chemical spills.


  • Gyms and Fitness Centers: Rubber mats are popular in fitness facilities due to their shock absorption and anti-slip properties. They provide a stable and cushioned surface for exercise equipment, weightlifting areas, and high-impact workouts.


  • Restaurants and Bars: Rubber mats are often utilized in commercial kitchens and bar areas to enhance traction, prevent slips and falls, and provide a comfortable standing surface for staff who spend long hours on their feet.


  • Playgrounds and Recreational Areas: Rubber mats, often in the form of rubber playground tiles, are used in parks, playgrounds, and recreational areas to provide a safe and impact-absorbing surface for children to play on.


  • Horse Stables and Equestrian Facilities: Rubber mats are commonly used in horse stalls and stables to provide a comfortable, non-slip surface for the animals. They also help to reduce bedding costs and provide insulation.


  • Automotive and Garage Settings: Rubber mats are frequently used in automotive workshops, garages, and car wash facilities. They protect the floor from oil, chemicals, and debris, while also providing anti-fatigue benefits for mechanics and workers.


  • Wet Areas and Swimming Pools: Rubber mats with drainage capabilities are employed in wet areas such as swimming pool decks, locker rooms, and shower areas. These mats offer slip resistance and prevent the buildup of water, ensuring safety for users.


  • Healthcare Facilities: Rubber mats are utilized in healthcare environments such as hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. They offer slip resistance, cushioning, and noise reduction in areas like operating rooms, hallways, and patient rooms.


  • Residential Use: Rubber mats can also be found in residential settings, including garages, home gyms, workshops, laundry rooms, and even as outdoor mats on patios or porches.


These are just a few examples of the versatile applications of rubber mats. Their durability, resilience, and safety features make them a popular choice across various industries and settings.

Rubber Mat Dry Cleaning

1 Foot
  • Our professional team is very responsive to rubber mat dry cleaning. Which cleans the rubber mat in a special way, which has 4 steps

    • First of all, the dry dust and garbage on the rubber mat is cleaned by a special machine.
    • After cleaning the garbage, a special kind of chemical is applied on the rubber mat, due to which all the dirt comes up.
    • In the third step, the rubber mat is scrubbed with a soft brush.
    • All the dirt from the carpet is pulled out by vacuum machines

    In all this program there is no dirty of any kind inside the house. With rubber mat dries in 1 to 2 hours

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